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Dr Saba Zain

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Saba Zain (PhD  in Clinical Psychology)  has been working as a consultant clinical Psychologist  for around 16 years now. She has consulted with over 1500 different cases and has 15000 + clinical hours as experience. She has conducted these clinical consultations across a wide range  of ages, socio economic back grounds and mental disorders. She conducts individual and group therapy sessions using mostly the eclectic approach to deal with wide ranging issues such as  anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, addiction , Schizophrenia , personality disorders , identity crisis, marital counselling, personal short comings and many others. She laises with other professionals and  organizations wherever necessary. She also does family mediation  if required. She has also worked as a trainer in the corporate, educational and educational sector, where she has conducted trainings for Institutions like Bayview High, IBA, Habib Bank ,State Bank , State Bank and Aga Khan Hospital. She has also supervised thesises at the PAF Air war college.


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