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Mehla Sarki

Certified Sound Healer & Yoga Instructor

Mehla Sarki is a qualified sound healer and yoga teacher. She is a business graduate with 13 years of banking experience. In 2019, she certified from Pure Nature Yoga School in Thailand. Since then, Mehla has been facilitating wellness sessions and leading, workshops for individuals, groups, and organizations.
Mehla aims to cultivate self-awareness, and develop safe, nurturing, kind, and conscious relationship with oneself through various healing techniques. Her craft in based on evidence based practices that follow holistic and integrated model including Sound Bath, Mindful Movement (yoga), Guided Meditation, Breath-work, Humming, and Tapping. 
Mehla approaches to sound and yoga as an art of living a holistic life; hence her practice focuses on creating a balance between physical, emotional, and energetic body through body-breath-sound work.

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