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Synapse is Pakistan’s neuroscience institution and a hub of professionals working together on diverse ideas to converge the understanding, treatment, enhancement and advancement of the brain and mental health in Pakistan. Our mission is to build a safe space  where you can challenge the assumed and established World views. With healthy dialogue, we can change the perspectives that harm many.

Our current vision is to create an ecosystem to bridge the gaps between the world’s perception of mental health and reality. We are building such an ecosystem by covering a broad range of mental health services as well as focusing on the brain with our neurology and internal medicine services.

At our neuroscience institution, we diagnose and treat brain and mind conditions in both children and adults. Whether it’s hereditary or developed later in life our consultants can help pave the right and peaceful path to recovery and management. We are working to help individuals rediscover themselves through a number of therapies, workshops and even speaking engagements.  

We need to elaborate this more. Up till here it seems that we are only a clinical space providing clinical services. Clinical services is just one of the things we do and focusing two paragraphs on just clinical services is reinforcing the notion that all we do is clinic so expand this paragraph more

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