Mental Health Services





Consultancy helps clients understand their state of mind better and encourages them to take steps in the right direction. Our professional consultants take into consideration your current state, history and visit object for an analytical response to your query and future plans. Our professionals range from depression consultants to ADHD and autism consultants as well.

Our consultancy service also helps our clients under the course of therapies, expected results as well as the importance of mental health conditions treatment. We have a high success rate with our ADHD consultants. Our customers are shown promising results with the consultancy at Synapse. We make sure that each case and condition is managed with due diligence.

Under the spectacle of consultancy, we also offer couple counselling and ensure our clients that they are opening up in a safe and confidential environment. Our goal is to help the couple pinpoint the issues by pointing in the right direction and help understand the spouse from an objective perspective.

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