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About US

Synapse is a neuroscience institute that offers quality, evidence based, integrated and multidisciplinary services in the area of mind and brain. It aims to be a center of excellence rooted in process focused, best practices in advocacy, education, and culturally informed clinical care in mental health, neurology and allied professions.

Reimagine mental health


It will serve as benchmark for preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative arms of mental health for the community.


To create a Society where mental wellness is at the centre of a healthy community.

What is synapse

A synapse is a structure in the brain that is programmed to build connections between individual neurons through electrical or chemical signals. This gap between two cells acts as a communication hub; a space that creates cogent associations and unites the isolated brain cells into a robust, effective system. Synapse comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to join together’, or ‘to fasten’.

At Synapse, Pakistan Neuroscience Institute, we aim to create a hub where we bring together divergent ideas from individual silos to converge for the promotion, understanding and advancement of mental health in Pakistan. This space dreams to challenge assumptions and established world views to build a mental health ecosystem where unexpected connections are created and nurtured. Here we wish to be gap-bridgers. Here, we reimagine mental health.


Synapse is a place where we all grow together. There is no such thing as individual brain cells. It's the harmony and open communication that strengthens the bond and let complex things happen.

Professionalism & Excellence

There are thousands of synapses, each of which has a distinct role to play in order to make us human. This kind of competence, across complicated networks made by the 120 billion brain cells, allows for excellence.


The amazing diversity of our brain cells is what allows the fine tuning of strength and stability of synapses, allowing us to perform complex tasks.


Brain cells talk to each other at hubs called Synapses. It’s the connections between these cells that make the brain so unique.


Synapses are spaces where incredibly complex work happens that maintains and strengthens the connections. Similarly, our Team at Synapse are well renowned mental health experts that have come together to address biopsychosocial and spiritual complexities of MH across the lifespan.

Creativity & Courage

The ability of the brain to strengthen or weaken synapses depending on how active they are is what Neuroscientists referred to as “plasticity.” We call it creative courage. By courage the brain can creatively change by altering connections in its networks. Without courange and plasticity, we wouldn’t be able to learn or adapt to our environment.

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