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Blog – Impact of Divorce on Child Development:

April 14, 2022 by In Events, Media, Recent Events

Along with her clinical practice and guest appearances on television shows and podcasts, Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar also has her own blog (. This blog is an amalgamation of articles on topics of interest to her, such as the impact of interpersonal conflict and divorce on child development. Dr. Aisha has dealt with many children suffering from the adverse effects of parents in an unhealthy marriage or going through a messy divorce, honing her skills and knowledge on this specific topic. Rather than advocating against parents getting a divorce, Dr. Aisha stresses on the importance of taking into account the emotional and psychological toll this process has on the children involved.

During the divorce process, children are often used as a pawn to get back at the other parent, as parents tend to act more emotionally than rationally during this stressful time. This may leave children feeling invisible and unheard, and even internalize the belief that their parents don’t care about them. Children are also kept in the dark about the reasons for the parental conflict, leaving them confused and distressed. Exposure to other divorce trials while waiting for their turn can also induce apprehensive anxiety. For this reason, Dr. Aisha emphasizes the importance of handling parental conflict in a civil way, keeping in mind the effect it has on the children involved.