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Asim Gul

Holistic Health Coach

Asim Gul is a business graduate turned Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York, the World’s Largest Nutrition School. He is also a member of International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC) and plans to further his education and learning in the health and wellness arena.

His health journey started when he himself experienced several health issues like acute back pain, indigestion, chronic fatigue and skin disorders. He went to several doctors but never got a permanent fix. Contrary to the common practice of popping pills for temporary relief, he believes the real answers lie in the dietary and lifestyle choices we make every single day of our lives.

Now, Asim has embarked on the journey to spread awareness and coach individuals, groups, and organizations on the importance of health and ways to attain it through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Asim’s health coaching has a simple yet powerful mission  – ‘empower people to make changes that last a lifetime

Asif Sinan

Music Therapist

Asif Sinan is a professional musician, an educationist and qualified Music Therapist from the Chennai School of Music Therapy, India. He has been on the music landscape for the last 25 years performing and conducting workshops in USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, UAE and India.  

Asif is an advocate of music as a complementary therapy under the ambit of integrative medicine where music is used to improve physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of individuals, groups or communities in an evidence based manner. Apart from private practice, Asif has also been teaching ‘Music, the Healer’s Art’ for the past 6 years at the Aga Khan University Hospital and ‘Conflict Resolution Through Music’ at the Behavioral Psychology Department at Bahria University
Mehla Sarki

Certified Sound Healer & Yoga Instructor

Mehla Sarki is a qualified sound healer and yoga teacher. She is a business graduate with 13 years of banking experience. In 2019, she certified from Pure Nature Yoga School in Thailand. Since then, Mehla has been facilitating wellness sessions and leading, workshops for individuals, groups, and organizations.
Mehla aims to cultivate self-awareness, and develop safe, nurturing, kind, and conscious relationship with oneself through various healing techniques. Her craft in based on evidence based practices that follow holistic and integrated model including Sound Bath, Mindful Movement (yoga), Guided Meditation, Breath-work, Humming, and Tapping. 
Mehla approaches to sound and yoga as an art of living a holistic life; hence her practice focuses on creating a balance between physical, emotional, and energetic body through body-breath-sound work.
Sana Khan

Sana Khan

Academic Intervention Consultant & Play Therapist

Sana Khan has over 16 years of experience in the field of Education. She has 10 years of experience in Parent Coaching and Teacher Training . She has  worked with Differently-abled students  and  is certified by BPS (British Psychological Society) in Educational Testing and providing Access arrangements for students. SANA HAS A COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE  WITH DESIGNING IEP’S FOR STUDENTS WITH ESL( ENGLISH AS SECOND LANGUAGE), SEN (SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS) AND SPLDS ( SPECIFIC LEARNING DIFFERENCES LIKE DYSLEXIA, DYSGRAPHIA, DYSCALCULIA AND GIFTED). SHE IS ALSO TRAINED IN PLAY THERAPY AND SAND THERAPY.


Rida Khalid

Speech Therapist

Rida Khalid is a speech therapist who graduated from Ziauddin College of Speech and language therapy. She provides therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Rida is trained in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), in Fiber-Optic Endoscopic Evaluation in Swallowing and a Talktools level 1 and 2 executive. She is well equipped and certified via the McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program conducted by Florida Dysphagia Institute. She believes in advocating for early intervention, and parent or family training when dealing with the client to deal holistically for better outcomes.


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