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Dr. Humera Saeed


Dr. Humera Saeed is a Dow graduate, a psychiatrist by profession and co-founder of Compassion Couch, Psychiatry and Therapy clinic, Karachi.

She has undertaken specialist training in psychiatry from England, UK. She has expertise in the management of both adult and geriatric patients with mental health issues. She has worked in special unit in dementia and has, therefore, expertise in managing mental health conditions within the elderly. She has expertise in diagnosing and managing neuropsychiatric disorders and has worked as part of multidisciplinary clinic at AKU providing psychiatric treatment to patient with neurological disorders. She also has experience in Liaison psychiatry, including mental health conditions with people suffering from cancer and women’s mental health during and after pregnancy. She has experience in delivering ECT and has served as a part of ECT consultant team in the UK and Pakistan. She also has training in psychotherapy, so she is not just a medial model psychiatrist.

Balint is another area of her expertise and she has acquired accreditation as a Balint leader from the Balint Society, UK. She also has experience in group work and has led and co-led anxiety management groups at Aga Khan University hospital.

Academics is her another strong area, which includes teaching both under and post graduate trainees. In her last job at AKUH, she was the director of the undergraduate students and devised an online, blended curriculum with her team. Finally, research is another forum where she has published papers relevant to her area of interest.

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