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Pakcord – PUBG Ban and Teen Mental Health:

April 14, 2022 by In Events, Media, Recent Events

Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar spoke with Habib Ahmed about three teen suicides that were linked to the video game PUBG. Dr. Aisha spoke about how video games have become a scapegoat for an issue as complex as teen suicides. Factors that typically contribute to a teen committing suicide include their relationship with their parents, domestic violence, and mental illnesses such as depression. 

Good parenting practices and skills were also a topic of discussion, along with how parenting begins even before the child is born. Dr. Aisha shed light on the adverse effects of parental stress and anxiety on children. She also discussed how taking away their children’s gadgets altogether does not benefit the child, but is traumatizing and detrimental for them. Setting age-appropriate restrictions for children, such as limited screen time during school days is a more effective way or curbing excessive screen time. 

Regarding the topic of youth mental health, Dr. Aisha discussed depression and anxiety in children. She stressed on the importance of peer support for a child suffering from depression, as well as having at least one good attachment to an adult. Another discussion pertaining to youth mental health that arose was that of loneliness or social isolation in teenagers and using digital platforms as a form of escapism.